Try This Simple Card Magic Trick

Try This Simple Card Magic Trick

Entertainment that may often make many people amazed is magic. Even though we have seen many magic tricks, we are still often confused and some still believe that there is an element of ‘magic’ and beyond reason from magic performances. At the magician gold coast we can get magic performances that are very entertaining and of course always new.

Magic is synonymous with mind-blowing card games. To the extent that almost all movie or comic characters whose themes are magicians must have been depicted playing cards in their tricks. So, it’s only natural to say you haven’t finished your magic if you haven’t succeeded in impressing the audience with card tricks.

1. Prepare a set of quartet cards, shuffle them stylishly to make your look even more convincing.
2. Ask a friend or volunteer to draw a card from among the deck of cards. Only he knows what’s in it. Anyway, don’t forget to act like magicians on TV.
3. Tell him to return the card on top of the pile of cards that you have collected. Secretly try to look at the bottom of the pile of cards. Keep it clean, don’t get caught, do it casually and quickly. Distract the audience by shouting about your magic tricks.
4. Divide the pile of cards into two and move the pile of cards from the bottom to the top.
5. Open your deck one by one. Don’t forget to act like you’re reading your friend’s memory.
6. Continue to open until you find the bottom card that you peek at, before the pile of cards is divided in half and moved its position.
7. The next card after the card, must be the card your friend took first.

If this trick works, you can try some other card tricks that you can learn on your own. Nowadays, it is very easy to find resources to learn magic because many magicians are kind enough to share their knowledge on social media.