Tips Of Caring For Tires In Winter

Tips Of Caring For Tires In Winter

One of the causes of car accidents in winter is aquaplaning. Aquaplaning can be interpreted as a condition when water pressure accumulates in front of a car tire so that the tire tread will lift or not stick to the road surface when passing through it. If this happens the car will lose control because it cannot turn the steering wheel and the car will continue to run straight because the tires lose traction or balance. So that this does not happen, do regular checks on the tires, especially if you often use a private car for daily activities. Find mobile tyre fitting london if you have tire problems, either on the road or at home. Here are five steps to check and maintain car tires in the rainy season.

1. Check Tire Pressure
Check the tire pressure in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure the tread of the car tire gets optimal grip or treads on the asphalt. If the air is not enough, immediately fill and adjust the pressure between the left and right tires.

2. Pay attention to the tire tread
Check the thickness of the tread via the Tire Wear Indicator (TWI) located in the tread groove. Immediately replace the car tires when the tread surface is level with the TWI indicator (triangle-shaped sign). This is to ensure the car does not slip easily on slippery roads. Never delay changing tires because it can be fatal

3. Check Tire Wall
Also, check the tire walls for potential damage such as tears or lumps. There are no tolerance, car tires whose walls are damaged must be replaced with new ones immediately.

4. Car Rim Inspection
In addition, make sure the rims are in good condition so that the tire balance can be maintained. Do not let the rim, bend flat or cracked. If damaged, replace immediately.

5. Spooring and Balancing
Perform spooring and balancing to restore the geometric angle of all wheels according to the manufacturer’s provisions and balance the four wheels so that they can rotate properly without disturbing vibrations.