These Are 3 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Favorite Hat So That It Lasts

These Are 3 Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Favorite Hat So That It Lasts

Hats make guys look cooler. However, because it is only an additional fashion item, sometimes hats are not worn often and are not washed often. However, so that the hat always looks fresh and durable, then you still have to take care of it, you know. Caring for it should not be careless. The reason is that hats have more complex materials than ordinary clothes such as shirts or pants. So don’t be wrong and damage your hat while caring for or washing it. Meanwhile, you can also visit to know more news about hats.

In order not to take care of the hat wrong, let’s learn 3 easy ways to care for the hat:

1. If you get a mud stain, clean it immediately without waiting for too long

If you wear your hats properly, it’s quite difficult for them to get dirty. However, it is not uncommon for the hat to accidentally fall when worn. If it falls into the mud, then you need to take special care so that the mud stains are not left behind.

You must clean the hat ASAP before the mud dries. The trick, simply by applying laundry soap or dish soap to the mud stains. Gently brush with a toothbrush until clean, then rinse with clean water.

2. Avoid washing the hat using a washing machine

Types of hats such as snapbacks or truckers have a hard tongue. That’s why avoid washing hats in the washing machine.

If you wash using a washing machine, the hard part of the hat will collide with the spinner in the washing machine. So, it can damage your favorite hat, Bro. The most appropriate way to wash it is by hand, namely washing by hand.

3. Do not dry the hat in direct sunlight

If you have washed it, you should avoid drying the hat in direct sunlight. Moreover, if the hat has striking colors. The reason, sunlight can fade the color on the hat.

Also, avoid drying the hat in the washing machine. This is because the hard part of the hat can be damaged if it is hit by a rotating dryer.