How to Make Money from Youtube

How to Make Money from Youtube

How to make money from Youtube can be done in a few steps. Youtube is one of the digital platforms that has recently been very much in demand by internet users almost all over the world. This platform, it allows users to upload, watch, and share videos. You can buy youtube subscribers on our website.

Not only that, Google’s video platform has recently become a trend because it promises promising business opportunities. Many successful content creators earn fantastic value income from Youtube. This is what makes many people now compete to become YouTubers. So, how do you make money from Youtube?

Create Your Own Channel
The first thing to do is to create a Youtube account and determine which content will focus on what channel you have. The concept of an attractive and not boring channel will certainly make viewers interested.

Monetize Youtube accounts
To be able to get money from Youtube, we need to monetize the account. You do this by going to account information, then clicking Creator Studio on the menu on the left. Click Channel and Status and features, then select Enable Monetization and agree to the agreement.

At the beginning of 2018, Youtube has issued the latest regulations regarding monetization. If previously YouTubers were only subject to the 10,000 views requirement for monetization, then on January 9 2018 Youtube officially changed the rules. To be eligible for monetization, a Youtube channel must have 1,000 subscribers and have accumulated at least 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months. After fulfilling the requirements, Youtube will verify by reviewing the originality of each video on the channel.

Connect with AdSense
Apart from income from the number of viewers, we can also get additional money from advertising. You do this by doing your associate and approved AdSense account to your YouTube account. Your earnings track can later be available on the YouTube Analytic feature. Your account can be paid after you complete and participate in the Youtube payment threshold. Ads will usually start appearing on uploaded videos after monetization is activated, and Youtube has carried out further verification.