Difference Apartments, Flats, and Condos

Difference Apartments, Flats, and Condos

So far, we know several residential models such as landed houses and vertical dwellings. For vertical housing, there are several types, namely apartments, condominiums, flats, vertical houses, and flats. If a flat, surely you already know where the difference is from an apartment. What about apartments, condos and flats? For ordinary people, the three types of vertical housing sound the same. Both are located in high-rise buildings. Even though the three vertical residences have some differences. If you want to know how to buy a condo in singapore, you can visit our website.

The origin of the terms apartment, flat and condominium
The origins of the term vertical housing in the form of residential apartments, flats, and condominiums originated in a number of countries. The term apartment was first used by the United States to describe a residence in a multi-storey building. By definition, an apartment is a type of residence that occupies a portion of the space of a building. Usually one apartment building consists of tens to hundreds of units. The term flat is used by the British state. They call the dwellings in high-rise buildings the term flats. The shape is the same as an apartment interior dwelling, only the mention is different.

The term condominium comes from Italy. The word condominium is a combination of the word con which means together and the word dominium which means ownership. In terms of definition, condominium is a form of usufructuary rights over several parts of a building. For example, residential units are privately owned, while the hallway, elevator, exterior, swimming pool, and various other facilities are owned by the building.

The use of the terms apartment and flat is more directed at physical buildings in the form of vertical housing. While the use of the term condominium is more directed at the right to use the building. However, among domestic property players, the term apartment or studio apartment usually refers to vertical housing that is rented out. While the term condominium refers to apartment units owned by each person. The term flat itself is rarely used in some countries.