Causes Of Dry Hair

Causes Of Dry Hair

Before discussing the problem of dry hair, first, check your hair. Does it fall into this category, or does it just feel rough to the touch? When the hair becomes dry, many other problems arise, such as hair growth and looking dull. If you are not comfortable with dry hair, go to hair salons Prescott AZ to get the right hair care.

Here are some causes of dry hair:

1. Rainy Season.
The rainy season has the potential to make your hair moister. For those who have dry hair, this condition may be quite happy, because your hair is not as shiny as usual.
However, don’t get excited just yet. Rainwater can make your hair limp all day if you get rained on. Hair becomes dirty and this can interfere with the health of the hair shaft. The scalp becomes moist and has the potential to invite dandruff-causing bacteria.

2. Hot weather.
Sunlight, if used according to its portion, does provide many benefits for our bodies. Unfortunately, exposure to ultraviolet light that is too much and strong will damage the keratin layer of the hair.

Keratin is a protein found in human hair, nails and teeth. The function of keratin for hair is to maintain healthy hair so that it remains shiny. Your vacation to the beach in the summer can also be a trigger factor for dry hair if your hair doesn’t get enough protection.

3. Not Using Conditioner.
Unfortunately, many people feel that shampoo alone is enough. The shampoo is used to clean hair. In her work, she ensures that during the cleaning process, the hair does not become damaged and the hair roots remain nourished. That’s the benefit of the various formulations in the shampoo.

But to give flexibility, softness, strength, it’s the job of a conditioner. The benefits of conditioner are to moisturize the hair, coat, and replace the natural oils of the hair that are rinsed out by the shampoo. This layer of moisture can keep the cuticles closed. So not only makes the hair feel smooth but the core of the hair is also protected from damage.