Are You Familiar With Stickers?

Are You Familiar With Stickers?

STICKER is a material that can stick itself or in other words, it has adhesive material so that it can be affixed to objects. Stickers are generally made of vinyl or paper. Sticker material generally consists of two layers, namely the top layer as a medium for the image and the bottom layer as a protective adhesive material for the Stickers.

We must peel this bottom layer when we will paste the sticker onto the media we want. Sticker materials are visually divided into two, namely transparent and non-transparent stickers. For clear stickers, it is used with the aim that the sticker does not cover all surfaces of the object that is attached, for example, a bottle, with a clear sticker, what is visible in the writing, while the spaces between writing or images will penetrate the contents of the bottle.

Making stickers can be done in various ways, ranging from screen printing, offset printing or digital printing (digital printing). All methods have advantages and disadvantages depending on the purpose of using the sticker itself, of course. Screen printing is usually used if we are going to print stickers with solid colours, offset printing is used if we want to make full-colour stickers or a large number of separations, while digital printing is used if we want to print stickers with various designs in limited quantities. Of all these techniques, digital printing is the easiest, you just have to design a sticker in Corel, Adobe or Illustrator then just print it using a printer (either desktop or plotter). As for screen printing and offset, you have to make a film and then a new screen or plate which of course will be very complicated for those of you who don’t master it.

That’s it for the info that we can share with you about stickers, we wish this info help you to know more about stickers so you can decide the best way to use them and the best design for your stickers.