This Is How To Move A Large Tree

This Is How To Move A Large Tree

Before digging a hole in the vicinity of the tree, the area of land to be dug should be doused with water and left for a while so that the water seeps completely into the soil. In addition, pruning should also be done on several branches and branches. Furthermore, the soil can be dug according to the size of the main stem diameter so that the plant can be easily lifted but still with the main root and surrounding roots that merge with the base of the tree trunk. After excavation around the tree is formed (root ball) then immediately strengthen the tree with support. This is done so that plants are not tossed around by the wind so they don’t collapse. However, if you need to move a tree quickly, we suggest you call Steadfast Tree Care.

When carrying out the process of transporting/moving trees from the original location to the planting location, the root ball of the tree must be tied as tightly as possible. Tree roots can be wrapped in fibrous material but strong enough to keep the growing media that is still fused to the root of the tree is not easily separated.

It should also be noted that when transporting, it should be done slowly and not slammed because if there is a break either in the outside or inside, then the tree will die.

Prepared planting media in the form of a mixture of soil, fertilizer drums, compost, and sand with a ratio of 3: 2: 1: 1 which is then stirred evenly.

After that, the planting medium is inserted into the planting hole as much as 1/6 part. Furthermore, the root ball of the tree can be inserted into the planting hole and fill with the rest of the planting medium that had been prepared. After completion, the planting medium is then compacted and doused with water until it is saturated. To accelerate the growth of new roots, it can be added with growth aphrodisiacs.

Don’t forget to make a tree stand with an angle of 120 degrees. The straps are tied using a type of rope that is sufficiently elastic and try not to use wire because this can cause the tree trunk to be injured if the tree is blown by the wind repeatedly.