These 4 Elements Are Important In Video Mapping

These 4 Elements Are Important In Video Mapping

Many must have seen the video on YouTube about Video Mapping. If you search for “video mapping” a video of a building that is glowing will appear, a show of dancers supported by a game of light. But what is Video Mapping or another word Projection Mapping? Video Mapping or 3D Mapping is a visual art technique that uses light from projector hardware to various fields. This technique changes common objects to be more interactive using motion graphics, visual effects, or other creative visualization techniques to present more immersive content. The objects that are changed start from plain white fields, complex landscapes such as buildings, platforms or objects in the house, living things, and even multi-layered objects.

There are several important elements in the Video Mapping technique. What are those elements?

1. Hardware

There are many kinds of this hardware. But what is certain is that there must be a projector, PC, or tool to operate the software, as well as various hardware support needs.

2. Software

There are also many kinds of software or software, but only 2 types are needed, namely software to support the hardware used to map visual content and of course software to create audiovisual content.

3. Audio-Visual Content.

Content is an important aspect because this is what the audience will see later. This audiovisual that will bring and evoke the audience’s emotions and spoil their eyes is following the concept of the purpose of the Video Mapping.

4. Field

The field is the part where the audience sees the audiovisual content. There are many types of this field, but for Video Mapping, there are no boundaries in the field. Anything can be a video mapping field, starting from walls, building walls, water, and even in the form of steam. As long as the field is visible to our eyes, it must be highlighted by light as the medium. He exclaimed that various fields have very unique outputs depending on the type.