Powerful Tips to Push Rank Mobile Legends in Season 21

Powerful Tips to Push Rank Mobile Legends in Season 21

Push rank in Mobile Legends is the latest update by the game producer Moonton last June. This period is an important moment for every player because all ranks will start all over again and of course, many players want to catch up to the Global Top position in a fast time. Well, for those of you who want to do push rank in season 21, of course, you have to understand the method or trick well with the support of achat compte lol.

Every season in Mobile Legends will certainly bring changes that make push rank even more challenging.

To refresh gameplay and add variety, Mobile Legends heroes will experience buffs and nerfs on the latest patches in each season. This buff and nerf also needs to be done so that the abilities of each hero can be explored more deeply by the players. The given buff may change the composition of any hero into overpowering and enter the meta hero category. This meta Hero predicate can also be seen from the frequency of its use at the MSC 2021 event. For example, Lenox appears as a strong tank hero, especially when added items such as Oracle and Dominance Ice. There is also Esmeralda who is given a buff on the amount of her damage which has now reached 240-440. With that much damage, this hero can easily cut lanes.

To bring variety, Moonton regularly brings updates to every newly released patch, and Season 21 is no exception. They even modify items for roaming and Jungling. These items for roaming and Jungling were later merged into one which was named Footwear. The way to get it is also different because there are conditions that must be met to be able to get advanced skills. This advance skill used to be part of roaming and Jungling items such as Courage Mask, Raptor Machette, and others. To be able to get it, a carry must kill five forest creeps first. It should be understood, you must first choose what advanced skills you want to use before upgrading.