Knowing the Nutrition Behind Whipped Cream

Knowing the Nutrition Behind Whipped Cream

It’s no stranger to any circle when you hear the word whipped cream, right? Yup, this thick white cream is often found in various restaurants, cake shops, and favorite coffee shops. Whipped cream is not only delicious to eat but very interesting to look at, especially for small children. Young children often order drinks because they have whipped cream on top which is sprinkled with sweetened condensed milk and marshmallows. The taste created by whipped cream is also delicious because it is sweet so many adults who don’t really like the bitterness of coffee, add whipped cream chargers for sale to their coffee to make it creamier.

But do you know what exactly is the content in whipped cream?

Whipped cream does have a better fat content when compared to the buttercream. However, in 100 grams of whipped cream contains 257 calories with a total fat of 22 grams. Not to mention the saturated fat in whipped cream accounts for 14 grams of the total fat in whipped cream. This figure exceeds the daily intake of saturated fat recommended by the American Heart Association, which is 13 grams per day. Meanwhile, the recommended daily calorie intake for each human varies according to age, gender, and lifestyle. But on average, women need about 2000 calories per day to maintain their current weight, while men need to eat about 2500 calories. If calories are maximized every day, it can increase the risk of developing obesity which has been linked to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

If you consume whipped cream in almost every cold drink or addition to your coffee, you should start stopping it. Whipped cream can make you gain weight if it is consumed too often because of the bad fat and sugar content. But if you need to use whipped cream for cooking or baking, you can make whipped cream at home because it’s healthier. Use cream milk then mix it with ice cubes then put it in a blender machine. The crystals in the ice are able to make the texture of the milk cream denser so it can last a long time for homemade whipped cream. You can also add it with vanilla or other flavorings to make it more delicious.